Visitor Management: A Guide to Selecting and Employing a New Solution

Visitor Management: A Guide to Selecting and Employing a New Solution

Visitor management refers to the methods organisations use to admit and track visitors to their facilities. The concept is not new. Many facilities use some form of visitor management, ranging from simple sign-in sheets to high-tech approaches that scan government IDs to capture relevant data. But visitor management is more than a sheet of paper or a technology. It is also a policy that governs the how, why, and who of visitors.

Increased security driving VMS upgrades

A number of motivations are pushing organisations to explore the possibility of a new or upgraded visitor management system. For many organisations, the primary motivation is increased security. While employees and visitors should immediately recognise the security benefits of an improved visitor management system, additional roles in the organisation will enjoy advantages as well.

There is no one-size-fits-all solution for visitor management, which is why organisations exploring a change will need to consider a number of options. This guide discusses the various elements of deploying a visitor management solution, including the creation of a visitor management policy.

What's inside?

  • Best practices for visitor management
  • Physical set up: What's right for your organisation?
  • Creating and implementing a visitor management policy
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