Understanding compression technologies for HD and megapixel surveillance

When the security industry began the transition from using VHS tapes to hard disks for video surveillance storage, the question of how to compress and store video became a top consideration for video surveillance system designers. As the industry moves from analog cameras and digital video recorders (DVR) to IP cameras and network video recorders (NVR), how to compress and store video comes into question again. When analog cameras are connected to a DVR, video compression is performed inside the recorder unit at a central location.

While IP camera video compression is performed inside the camera then transmitted to the NVR in the compressed format. The centralized compression of DVRs typically meant that all cameras in the surveillance system had to use the same compression technology. IP cameras, on the other hand, have allowed for the design of hybrid systems that can use multiple compression technologies on the same system. As a result, it is critical for end-users, integrators, and system designers to have a clear understanding of the compression technologies available. Knowing when each should be used will create the best results in a system design.

What's inside?

  • Frame-by-Frame and Temporal Compression Technologies
  • Frame-by-Frame Compression
  • Temporal Compression
  • Stream Size, Frame Rate, Lighting and Activity with Temporal Compression
  • Streaming and Network Effects of Compression
  • Understanding Lossy and Lossless Compression and Recording
  • Choosing the Right Compression Technology
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