Vicon - PoE Switch : Total power consideration

Vicon - PoE Switch : Total power consideration

With the growing demand for PoE-based devices, the offering of PoE switches has also grown. To add to this, the options to provide PoE+ as well as High Power PoE, make selecting the right switch an even more complicated task than before.

PoE is no longer a trend, it is part of the normal IP CCTV system requirement and works very well when designed correctly. The challenge is to make sure to synchronise between the switch specifications and the camera needs. As the PoE standard evolves, the power we can get from the PoE sources grows and the options grow with it.

From injectors through midspans and PoE switches, there is a solution for every need, as long as simple rules are followed the design stage to ensure we do not end up short of power.

It is very important, when making the recommendation to use a certain switch, not to assume that it will necessarily support the full PoE rated power level on each and every port simultaneously. Depending on the specifications and how they are presented, look at the devices that are going to connect to the switch and make the appropriate adjustments. Consider when a single port injector will make more sense than updating the entire switch to High PoE and when adding a second switch makes more sense than a midspan or vice versa.

This document is written to clarify some of the points that need to be considered when offering a particular switch for a certain job. The document only discusses the need from a power point of view and not from a networking capabilities one (which still must be followed).

What's inside?

  • General Description
  • PoE Standard and Options
  • Switch Specification
  • Practical Examples
  • Summary
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