Better performing video systems provide better security. It’s as simple as that. Today’s end users demand systems with optimum performance, providing smooth video streams, higher resolutions, efficient storage, better analysis and quick access to stored images.

Technology is constantly evolving, in the video security sector as well. One great benefit: Greater performance contributes to more security! With higher image resolution, users get more detailed information and can better evaluate situations or identify individuals. Smooth streams provide seamless images with no distracting jerks. Extremely fast search processes show the right stored images within seconds.

The operator can concentrate 100% on his primary tasks and not distracted by pixelated images, jerky pictures or annoying waiting. Greater performance thus ensures more security.

But these technical possibilities must also be well - founded in the system and managed accordingly.

What's inside?

  • Technical performance
  • Image resolution and formats
  • Storage
  • Data security
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