Today’s networked video systems have expanded their functionality beyond simply storing and retrieving video. Deploying the latest video systems depends more than ever on managing video data efficiently and effectively.

New tools for managing video data include the use of virtual storage platforms, dynamic tiered storage, and video management system (VMS) software, all combined into a converged, standalone solution.

This White Paper describes a viable converged solution platform for video security, monitoring and storage.

Find out more about...

• How the technology addresses modern video surveillance needs such as quality of images, retention and access policies – who has permission to view video.

• How video security and monitoring environments are evolving to look more like traditional IT infrastructures, and the resulting benefits for cost-effective operation.

• How a solution can be built to meet the demands of streaming, recording and managing large volumes of data.

• A deep dive into video management platform (VMP) architecture, including system requirements, virtualisation, storage, networking and standardisation.

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