HDCVI 3.0: Re-Empowering The Analogue Coax Infrastructure For Intelligent UHD Video

HDCVI 3.0: Re-Empowering The Analogue Coax Infrastructure For Intelligent UHD Video

The worldwide installed base of analogue video surveillance systems totals approximately 400 million cameras. The fact is, analogue systems still rule the video surveillance market despite the recent emergence (and high profile) of networked video surveillance systems. In the last several years, systems that connect cameras using Internet protocol (IP) have arrived on the scene amid much marketing fanfare, but analogue systems are still dominant.

Customers have made clear their preference for high-definition (HD) video systems. Therefore, to remain competitive, analogue solutions are challenged to evolve and advance to achieve HD (720p) and full-HD (1080p) resolutions. And there are even higher resolutions on the horizon. Analogue solutions today have met the challenge and are continuing to advance. As a result of new technologies, achieving HD today does not require switching to IP. Integrators and end users need not accept the higher operational costs, new cabling requirements and other complications related to IP systems as the price of achieving HD. Rather, HD analogue systems today enable customers to upgrade existing standard definition analogue systems to HD easily and at lower cost. Furthermore, technology capabilities of analogue systems are continuing to expand.

This SourceSecurity.com Technology Report will describe one of those analogue HD-over-coax technologies, HDCVI 3.0 by Dahua, which is poised to have a dramatic impact on the video market in the next several years. New capabilities of HDCVI 3.0 include broad compatibility with a range of other (even competing) technologies; higher resolutions including Ultra HD (UHD) or 4K; and intelligent functions comparable to those available in IP systems.

What's inside?

  • What is HDCVI?
  • Three key benefits of HDCVI 3.0
  • Evolution of HDCVI
  • Advantages of HDCVI
  • Comparing HDCVI to other choices
  • Delivering on customer needs
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