Emerging Trends In Panoramic Cameras

Emerging Trends In Panoramic Cameras

Panoramic cameras are the fastest growing segment of IP cameras today, projected to have a compound annual growth of 30% by IHS. They have been around for over a decade but several developments in recent years have dramatically increased their relevance.

The value proposition they offer is compelling to any security video installer who has ever had to wrestle with striking that balance between covering everything in sight and staying within a budget. Fixed cameras do a great job of constantly covering narrow fields of view with great detail, but don’t take in the whole scene.

PTZ cameras are perfect for tracking people and objects at a distance from a single location as long as you have actively monitored surveillance, but could be looking in the wrong direction during an event. What panoramic cameras bring an operator is the ability to assess a wide field of view at a glance and zoom in for some detail as needed. From a single camera, a single mounting location, and often with a single cable, they can cover a 180 degree or 360 degree field of view, bringing total situational awareness to that space. Done right, panoramic cameras enable you to record everything in the field of view all the time and zoom in for detail live or forensically. So you miss nothing.

What's inside?

  • Overview
  • Single sensor panoramic cameras
  • Multi-sensor panoramic cameras
  • Panomersive cameras
  • Non-panoramic Multi-sensor cameras
  • Performance vectors - the usual suspects
  • It's still security video
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