Cloud video and smart cities

Cloud video and smart cities

The primary objective for smart city initiatives is to intelligently use data and technology to make everyday life easier and better for the people who live in, work in and visit the city – while making innovative and efficient use of resources. Public safety plays an important role. This is why most smart city initiatives include video surveillance for key public areas, to achieve quicker alerting and better data to inform first responders regarding accidents, crimes and public safety situations.

However, if smart city initiatives take traditional approaches for physical security technology, they will undermine their primary smart city objective. 

This white paper from Eagle Eye Networks examines the indispensible nature of cloud-based solutions to public and private smart city infrastructure, and points to two very recent projects that exemplify the kinds of success that can be achieved by leveraging such technology.

What's inside?

  • Smart city security applications
  • Key technology requirements
  • Smart city engineering
  • Smart city security architecture
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