Clearer security images with View-DR

A camera’s dynamic range – the ability to capture extremes of light and shade – makes a big difference if you’re monitoring sun-drenched offices or dimly-lit car parks.

Featured in Sony’s latest-generation network cameras, View-DR processing technology offers excellent visibility in high-contrast scenes. It’s achieved by combining multiple images captured at different shutter speeds to deliver a very wide dynamic range. It’s one of the key technologies in our award-winning IPELA ENGINE™ image processing platform that delivers unprecedented HD image quality and sensitivity in mission-critical video security applications.

It’s one of the key technologies in Sony’s award-winning IPELA ENGINE™ image processing platform that delivers unprecedented HD image quality in mission-critical video security and surveillance applications.

Sony has therefore developed View-DR technology to overcome this challenge. View-DR utilises the high speed Sony Exmor™ CMOS sensor with electronic shutter to capture multiple images at progressively higher shutter speeds, and combines them into one frame, taking the optimum exposed elements of each image. The result is then processed with Sony Visibility Enhancer (VE) technology to optimise luminance and chrominance levels and provide a natural image. Combining CMOS sensor and VE technologies with View-DR is much more efficient than conventional solutions, which can simply discard half of the detected signal.

What's inside?

  • Why view DR for video security images?
  • Effective 24/7 monitoring with View-DR
  • Improved picture quality with View-DR and IPELA ENGINE
  • View-DR in action: service entrance (daytime)
  • View-DR in action: service entrance (night time)
  • View-DR exceeds the naked eye with wide dynamic range
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