Are your technology providers keeping you in the dark?

Are your technology providers keeping you in the dark?

Abundance or scarcity - what is your approach with customers? 

The abundance approach is to do right by the customer, even if it means less revenue with the belief that you will be rewarded with references and more opportunities.  Scarcity is the approach that you need to make as much from every customer, believing that opportunities are limited. Whenever disruptive innovations are introduced, it challenges the paradigm of industry players.  

What if building a PoE network for your IP endpoints could be without risk, less disruption, and at a lower cost?  What if you can build a network that is robust, more secure, and easier to manage?  What if you can accelerate your IP modernisation by years, and best of all you could be environmentally responsible as you modernise?

In this whitepaper, NVT Phybridge asks the question; are your technology providers doing enough to help you effectively prepare for your future?

What's inside?

  • How to avoid biases and leverage innovation to maximise your return on investment
  • Build IoT compliant networks to ensure smart and secure connections
  • Why some are resisting disruptive innovations - who's interest are they focusing on?
  • PoE innovation – make it your advantage and build a secure robust network
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