Visonic's IP Management Platform - The complete solution for managing IP-based home security services

Product Profile

The residential home security market is rapidly migrating away from PSTN lines toward IP communications. As a result, security service providers need to adopt new communications technologies. Visonic offers a complete set of solutions for IP-based security services. Our solutions are ideal for service providers who wish to take advantage of this large and fast-growing Internet opportunity to not only meet changing customer needs but also to maximise recurring revenues.

Visonic's range of IP solutions offers compelling advantages for alarm monitoring stations and security service providers. These advantages include more reliable communication, reduced costs and the opportunity to differentiate through premium services.

IP Management Platform - IPMP

A unique service management platform  that provides a total solution for the management of IP-based services. It serves as the IP receiver for all Visonic communications modules (GPRS and broadband).

The unique architecture of Visonic's IPMP - targeted to the needs of security service providers - makes it one of the most cost-effective IP service management solutions on the market. A single IPMP receiver can easily handle up to 20,000 accounts at a keep-alive period of 2 minutes. The IPMP delivers the events received to the central station software using standard receiver protocols, so the ARC software does not need any special adaptations in order to work with IPMP.

The IPMP supervises the IP and cellular internal modules and forwards all events received from them to the central station software. This enabling the central station operator to track an alarmed system quickly, and to view the alarm-time recorded images via a standard web browser on the operator console, with no need to leave his/her work station. 


An Internet-based solution for advanced home security and control. It provides a plug and play broadband IP event notification solution for alarm central stations. Also, it can be expanded with up to 12 cameras placed around the premises to create a comprehensive IP-based video alarm verification solution.

GPRS connectivity 

Our GPRS modules  ensure maximum reliability of event delivery to the alarm central station. It also includes advanced features such as two-way voice communication and SMS control.


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Technical Specification

Make Visonic
Manufacturer Visonic Ltd.
Model code IPMP
Transmission Media TCP / IP / GPRS transmission
Accessories Central station IP receiver
Additional info Easily handles up to 20,000 accounts per server based on a 2-minute line supervision. Enables remote GPRS-based programming of systems. Enables remote firmware upgrade of PowerLink modules. Maintains a history of 256 events per system, including alarm time recorded images for video alarm verification. Serves as a dynamic DNS server providing fixed access addresses to the PowerLink web service customers. Complete software and fully redundant hardware package. Optional full cluster configuration.
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