How are AI and analytics changing physical security, and what should we expect next?, Virtual events by IndigoVision

How are AI and analytics changing physical security, and what should we expect next?

AI and analytics are transforming the security industry by enhancing real-time situational awareness, leading to shorter reaction time, faster investigations and more reliable detection of risks.

New technologies can learn behaviour and predict risk, so security teams can focus their attention on what matters and make smart decisions instantly. The efficiencies such intelligent technology solutions can bring to your security system are invaluable and will keep improving over time.

In this webinar, IndigoVision explores how AI and analytics, combined with video, will bring ground-breaking improvements to your safety and security operations.

What to expect

  • Get an understanding of how AI and advanced analytics will transform situational awareness by learning about your environment and predicting risks.
  • Learn about the ways video and AI solutions can empower security teams to make smarter decisions based on footage and intelligence from video, rather than hunches.
  • Explore advancements in technologies that optimise operational efficiency by empowering security teams to focus on what matters.
  • Ensure AI and humans work harmoniously together, using AI to let them focus on the jobs only they can do.
  • Hear about evolving trends, such as types of analytics, filters and pattern finding, making the solutions ever more proactive.

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