<EM>VIPER Space</EM> perimeter security system

Product Profile

The VIPER Space is an enhanced model of the successful VIPER perimeter security system.  Combining shock detectors and PIR technologies, it offers reliable, cost effective and installer friendly perimeter security for both commercial and domestic premises.  Installed on the frame of doors and windows, these sensors provide detection at the first point of intrusion.  The VIPER’s key benefits include:
  • Advanced technology - a combination of radio–based shock sensors transmitting to PIR detectors hard-wired to a control panel
  • Compatibility - PIR detectors can be hard-wired to any standard control panel
  • Sequential confirmation - in conjunction with the internal PIRs, sequential ACPO confirmed alarms are relayed to the control panel
  • Visually unobtrusive - sensors are compact and attached directly to frames without any wires
  • Continual security - offers round the clock security and freedom of movement for both people and animals
  • Ease of installation and upgrades - as shock sensors are wireless
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Technical Specification

Make Viper
Manufacturer Novar
Model code 8IR027
PIR Detectors Yes
Coverage/ Range m 15
Vertical Coverage 2.4m
Selectable Pulse Count Yes
Electrical Specifications Power Supply: 12
Physical Specifications Dimensions mm: 110 x 65 x 42
Environmental Specifications Operating Temp oC: 0~50
Power Consumption 25
Additional info Viper Space System incorporates: 2xRf Transmitter - White 1xLocal Receiver Unit. Four LEDs on LRU indicates transmitter operation. Mounting bracket for LRU. Optional Jamming detection facility at LRU. Low battery monitoring. Perimeter and space protection offering 3 wired outputs at the LRU. Radio receiver to communicate with up to 4 individual shock detection transmitters mounted up to 50m away from LRU in free space.
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