Viisage FaceEXPLORER® - Face recognition identification in large databases

Product Profile

For customers that require a solution to conduct identity investigations and to prevent identity theft and identity fraud, Viisage offers FaceEXPLORER.  Utilizing the most advanced face recognition technology, FaceEXPLORER is a large database identification solution for capturing, enrolling, storing, searching, managing, and retrieving digital images.

The system couples digital facial images with full demographic information storage capabilities making FaceEXPLORER a critical identity verification tool.  It is used for uncovering duplicate images in large databases, assisting in identity investigations, combating identity theft and fraud, and granting permissions to authorized persons.
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Technical Specification

Make Viisage
Manufacturer Viisage Technology AG
Model code FaceEXPLORER
Accessories Real-time Face Recognition Technology
Additional info The FaceEXPLORER supports a database containing ten million images, one of the largest face recognition applications in the world and the database is growing by 15,000 images a day. The result of facial image searches are arranged in line-ups according to facial similarity, thus assisting the operator in reviewing and confirming the matching results. Users can customise the result output of their database searches by creating their own gallery line-ups including the desired images and related information. FaceEXPLORER can carry out a real-time online matching with immediate result presentation and offline batch analysis.
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