NETrec network-based recording with up to 200 fps

Product Profile

The NETrec system is a modern, network based recorder with high recording speed, high image quality and resolution (720 x 888), extensive functionality and integralnet connection.  The NETrec can be fully controlled over a network and allows parallel recording of up to 8 cameras with 25 fps per camera - even with unsynchronised cameras - resulting in a total of up to 200 fps

A different compression format (M-JPEG or MPEG2) can be selected for each camera.  In addtion, the patented SMARTarea function allows the masking of irrelevant areas in MPEG2 streams - so a higher level of compression can be achieved.  Recording onto the hard disks (up to 4 internal and up to 15 external) is carried out in a ring or as direct, contact triggered alarm recording. Other highlights include:
  • integrated motion detection
  • comfortable search and export functions
  • direct control of connected pan/tilt or dome cameras
  • auto backup
  • preset-synchronous recording
  • 4 resp. 8 audio channels
  • inclusion of web camera recording

The system is available as NETrec/8 and as NETrec/16 (for 8 respectively 16 analogue cameras). Up to 16 additional network cameras can optionally be recorded in the Storage Server concept via a LAN interface.
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Technical Specification

Make videotronic infosystems
Manufacturer vin - videotronic infosystems gmbh
Model code NETrec/16
Channels 16
Recording Mode Real time / Timelapse / Event
Inbuilt Multiplexer Yes
Multiplexer Type Duplex
Storage Capacity GB 1000
Image per second (IPS) max 25 / cam (PAL)
Compression Type M-JPEG or MPEG2
Resolution 720 x 288
Recording System HDD
Mount type 16 in
Physical Specifications Dimensions mm: 423 x 172 x 390
Weight kg: 13 kg
Electrical Specifications Power Consumption: 300
Environmental Specifications Operating Temp oC: 0 ~ 60
Additional info The system can manage up to 4 IDE (internal) and up to 15 (external) hard disks. Recording of up to 10 pre-alarm images is also possible. The complete scope of functions is available via the LAN network interface even for multi-user operation. In addition to the 10/100 Mbit network card included in the scope of delivery it is also possible to operate an optional 1000 Mbit network card in the system. Software licence NETrec/MON for one PC work station to control and evaluate the NETrec series.
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