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Effective video surveillance of an area requires clear, sharp and hi-res images so the operator has complete situational awareness in any weather or light conditions. Cameras continuously film monitored areas and so acquire an abundance of data-rich images. The complexity and volume of information can cause operators to lose attention, making the whole system vulnerable to mistakes and false alarms.

It is now possible to reduce these critical issues, which exponentially increase a security system’s risks and operating costs, by using video analysis applied to surveillance cameras.

Analysing video footage has become essential to the intelligent management of images and alarms. It ensures that potential intrusions that could threaten people, goods or property are detected and prevented.

Videotec is proud to announce that is has released a “robust and smart” video analysis technology, integrated into ULISSE EVO cameras, that offers an end-to-end solution for preventative detection of intrusions in outdoor monitoring applications of critical infrastructures, industrial sites and perimeters.

Videotec Analytics is the result of more than 10 years of research and design, carried out by a team of R&D professionals, cooperating together with prestigious international universities and research centres and is designed to be extremely reliable and proactive and be simple to configure and easy to use.

Outdoor surveillance specialists

The ULISSE EVO camera with Videotec Analysis technology comprises robust algorithms for accurate PTZ detection and precise and smooth auto-tracking, even in the most adverse external environmental conditions. The operator will have complete situational awareness no matter the circumstances.

The Advantages of Videotec Analytics

ULISSE EVO with Videotec Analytics means:

  • Maximum preventative anti-intrusion efficiency
  • A reduction in human error and therefore
  • Reduced storage space needed: only necessary footage is recorded.
  • Optimal external operation in the most critical and complex atmospheric conditions
  • The GeoMove&Track function allows two ULISSE EVO to communicate with each other through intelligent language, create advanced actions, and perform a tracking based on the geo-coordinates of the target. It gives the immediate benefit of having a complete, turnkey positioning and tracking solution, guaranteed by Videotec.
  • Unbeatable detection performance even at long distances, thanks to the analysis of detail-rich high-definition images.
  • Reduced time and effort needed to monitor, detect and search the recordings for anomalous events. The resulting security system is highly efficient, reliable and convenient.

How does Videotec Analytics work?

Every time there is an alarm, the auto-tracking automatically activates and event metadata is sent to the VMS via the ONVIF protocol. Simultaneously, the security operators are then alerted and recording starts. The ULISSE EVO keeps the moving target at the centre of the frame and zooms in on the target to make recognition easier.

The metadata sent to the VMS system can be used to frame the target with a bounding box for clear identification of the subject or it can be used to activate alarms or begin recording.

How to configure Videotec Analytics

A simple initial configuration allows ULISSE EVO to detect an object or person present in a sensitive area.

Depending on the rules set by the user, an alarm is displayed and auto-tracking activated if an object enters, exits, or appears or stops more than allowed in an area.

Thanks to an intuitive management interface, up to ten rules for each pre-set can be configured quickly. Any violation of these rules will activate auto-tracking and other scheduled actions.

  • line crossing (the target crosses a line in one direction or multiple directions)
  • entering/leaving area (the target enters or leaves a specific area)
  • appearing in area (the target appears in a specific area
  • loitering  (the target stays in a specific area longer than a defined time)
  • target classification (for people and vehicles)
  • function of detection mask (disables detection activity in a part of the image)
  • Function of video tampering detection (an ONVIF alarm occurs if the camera lens is obscured or covered to block the view)

Calibration and target classification with Videotec Analytics

The operator can calibrate, via a very intuitive web interface, the scene’s point of view, so it is possible to render the targets in 3D. Targets can be put into three categories: generic object, person, vehicle.

Targets will then trigger an alarm based on their size and so false alarms as a result of irrelevant objects appearing in the frame are drastically reduced.

Videotec know-how and technology

Videotec’s ULISSE EVO range with Video Analytics offers an integrated professional outdoor solution that is more robust and performs better than any other PTZ on the market.

Videotec puts its all-in-one products through hundreds of validation tests in order to guarantee optimum robustness and reliability. As well as this, the electronics and networking are chosen from the industrial and automotive sector in order to ensure operation in the most critical environments.

Mechanics, electronics, positioning, networking, software, video analysis algorithms and firmware are developed end-to-end by Videotec’s own R&D team. Videotec bases the development of its products on the concept of cyber-sustainability, where support, updates and training about the products span an interval that is larger than each single product lifecycle and assist integrators and customers keeping their systems protected.

ULISSE EVO therefore offers Videotec’s guarantee of being a reliable, cyber-safe, future-proof platform that is easily integrable with third-party products.

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Technical Specification

Make Videotec
Manufacturer Videotec
Model code ULISSE EVO
Chip Inch Size 1/2.8 inch
Resolution 1080p resolution
Sensitivity Lux 0.0008 ~ 0.0013 lux
Electrical Specifications Voltage: 24 V DC, 24 V AC, PoE
Power Consumption: 27W
Focal Length mm 4.3 ~ 129
Wide Dynamic Range Yes
Network Properties Image Frame Rate: 1 ~ 60 fps
Back Light Compensation Yes
Auto Gain Control Yes
White Balance Yes
Electronic Shutter Range 1/1s ~ 1/10000s
Zoom Yes
Compression Type H.264/AVC, MJPEG, JPEG, MPEG4
Physical Specifications Weight g: 7100
Environmental Specifications Protection: IP66, IP67, IP68, IK10
Operating Temperature oC: -40 ~ +65 C (-40 ~ +149 F)
Operating Humidity %: 5 ~ 95
HD Yes
Additional info
  • Designed to resist and last
  • Impeccable quality image
  • Dynamic privacy masking
  • Integrated video analysis available
  • Unbeatable solution for outdoor applications
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