Vicon Surveyor VFT domes now available with new advanced features

Product Profile

The Surveyor VFT dome camera range, the preferred choice of professional installers for over a decade, now offers a number of new features and performance enhancements. The range includes models with 22x, 23x and 35x zoom in standard indoor, outdoor, impact-resistant and pressurised housings.

Increased Resolution - The 23x and 35x zoom models offer 540 TV lines of resolution (previously 480 TV lines), to deliver superb quality colour images with increased sharpness and detail.

Progressive Scan is incorporated into these models and provides images which are crisper and far more stable than interlaced video. The difference is particu­larly noticeable when viewing moving images.

Digital Noise Reduction (DNR) is now offered on both the 23x dome cameras and the 35x versions. Digital Noise Reduction improves picture quality in low light environ­ments by digitally sampling the video image and removing excessive noise which interferes with image clarity. In addition to DNR, the cameras also offer increased sensitivity, further improving performance in low­light conditions.

Enhanced Autofocus - All the dome cameras in the Surveyor VFT range, now maintain correct focus without any manual adjustments.

On-Screen Status Indicators - The SVFT-PRS pressurised camera dome now has on-screen status indicators. Temperature, humidity and pressure value indications displayed on-screen make it effortless to perform on-going diagnostics of the camera's performance.

For full information on the increased functionality of the Surveyor VFT dome cameras, please contact your Vicon Account Manager or visit Vicon's website at

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Technical Specification

Make Vicon
Manufacturer Vicon Industries
Model code SurveyorVFT
Series SurveyorVFT Series
Colour Type Colour
Resolution TVL 540 TVL resolution
Dome Type Continuous Rotation
Digital (DSP) Yes
Indoor/Outdoor Indoor/Outdoor
Mount Type Ceiling, Wall mount
Rotation Angleso 360 Pan, 92.5 Tilt
Presets 79
Compression MPEG
Zoom Ratio x22
Network Properties Control: PTZ
Electrical Specifications Power Consumption: 54 W
Physical Specifications Dimensions mm: 180 (Dia) x 246
Environmental Specifications Operating Temp oC: 0 ~ 55
Protection: IP52
Additional info There are three camera types available, each with NTSC and PAL versions. The basic model is a 22X high-resolution camera/lens.  Another 22X model is available with ExView CCD technology (22XEX).
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