Siemens introduce the SPC - Market package 3.1 - new generation technology

Product Profile

IP based Audio/Video verification

The IP-based fully digital video and audio confirmation feature significantly encreases efficiency in CMS (Central Monitoring Station) by reducing the false alarm ratio, e.g. after wrong user operation, from typically higher than 85% to zero, allowing the operator to avoid expensive operations by decisions based on live audio /video, pre-/post event pictures or audio.

  • A/V verification significantly reduces the number of needless callouts due to false alarms
  • The ARC/CMS can quickly & efficiently correctly identify the source of the alarm
  • Clear, accurate and synchronised audio/video data lead to better decision making
  • Effortless installation & configuration of verification devices

Advanced security functions for banking applications

For banking applications, SPC offers easy configuration for procedures that are commonly used to address the complex security requirements of ATM and vault areas. In addition, support is provided for wireless personal security devices to protect banking employees.

  • Dedicated features and products to address the complex requirements of the banking security sector, including dual-PIN access and automatic testing of seismic detectors
  • Ease of configuration with pre-defined commonly used procedures for banking application
  • Personal security devices increasing the security of the bank employess

Multilingual system

The SPC panels are capable of operating in multiple languages, and additional language packs can be easily downloaded to extend this range.

  • Individual user language makes operation of the panel easier, for end user and installer
  • Multi-language capability saves time, effort and money
  • Customised language enables localisation of panels
  • User language support increases installation efficiency
  • Dedicted language creates positive product experience to the end user

Extended wireless portfolio

Additional wireless products ideally support the available wireless portfolio.

  • SPC4000 Hybrid Panel with cabinet existing of metal base and plastic lid
  • Plug-on option on standard keypads for after-sales upgrade to SiWay wireless
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Technical Specification

Make Vanderbilt
Manufacturer Vanderbilt Industries
Model code Intrunet SPC6330.300-L1
Accessories SPC control panel
Electrical Specifications Power Supply: 12 V
Physical Specifications Dimensions mm: 326 x 415 x 114
Additional info The Intrunet SPC6330.300-L1 control panel combines intrusion and access functionality in one system and can be expanded up to 512 zones (8 on-board)‚ 512 outputs (6 on-board)‚ 32 system keypads‚ 32 entry/exit doors and complies with EN 50131 Grade 2 standard. Each zone can be configured for different zone monitoring requirements with 4K7 resistors as standard‚ but does support other resistor values. The controller provides 2 X-BUS interfaces (2 stubs or 1 loop)‚ 32 areas‚ 512 users with different access levels‚ tri signalling path with PSTN and GSM option and IP‚ integral Web Server‚ logging of 10'000 intrusion and 10'000 access events‚ X-10 home automation interface‚ on-board Ethernet. The panel comes in a tamper protected hinged metal cabinet.
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