Siemens Building Technologies offers a wide range of readers and card technologies

Product Profile

One of the reasons for the flexibility of Siemens SiPass access control systems is the comprehensive range of readers and reading technologies available which includes everything from magstripe readers to hands-free loop readers, ensuring options to fit a multitude of environments and security levels. Tested and qualified for use with SiPass systems, the readers and cards also work with virtually any access control system on the market.


Cotag is a proprietary Siemens technology which can read both active (long-range) and passive (proximity) cards and tags, allowing both to be mixed within a single system. For applications such as hospitals or warehouses, or where the disabled may have difficulty presenting proximity tags to readers, the battery embedded within Cotag active cards can offer a truly hands-free access control environment.

Smart card

With cards increasingly being used to perform a number of different functions, Siemens' Smart Card option offers the storage capacity to hold additional data. This means they can be used beyond just their access control function; they can also be used as a cash card at company restaurants or vending machines, for example. The capability to store biometric data, such as fingerprint templates, makes this a particularly effective option for high security applications.

125 kHz proximity

Since proximity cards only need to be held near the reader rather than swiped, the lifetime of the card is extended due to reduced wear and tear in a system which offers increased security compared to magstripe technology. Some of Siemens 125 kHz proximity readers support the SiPass algorithm which offers a higher level of security than conventional 125 kHz.

Magnetic stripe

Cards which are swiped through a slot on a reader are the least expensive option and are largely employed when extending a system which already uses magnetic stripe technology.

Communication protocols

SiPass readers communicate with the door controllers either via standard reader protocols or via Siemens own proprietary reader protocols - BC-Link and CerPass/UCI (RS485).

The Siemens proprietary protocols are bi-directional so they can be used for buzzer control, LED feed-back and arming/disarming of an intrusion area. Installation is also faster as less wiring is required.   -Link and CerPass/UCI also provide constant monitoring of reader status and higher security levels compared to standard protocols.

To view the entire range, please see the new Siemens SiPass Readers and Cards brochure.

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Technical Specification

Make Vanderbilt
Manufacturer Vanderbilt Industries
Model code AR6181-MS - Card reader
Series SiPass Series
Standalone/ Networked/ PC Networked
Reader Type Smart Card
c/w Cards, Tags or Fobs Cards
Long Range Yes
Proximity Reader Range mm 40
Environmental Specifications Operating Temperature oC: -20 ~ +70
Protection: IP65
Electrical Specifications Voltage: 12 ~ 24 V DC
Power Consumption: 12 V DC
Physical Specifications Dimensions mm: 91 x 85.5 x 40
Additional info The AR6181-MS (card-only reader) and AR6182-MS (card and PIN reader) proximity readers in square housing. The readers are designed for access control applications using standard Mifare cards (13.56 MHz technology), to read the unique card number or the personalised ID number within sector/block of Mifare cards. Readers can be connected to the door controller or the Reader Interface Module RIM to allow the operation with the access control systems CerPass, SiPass or SIPORT. Interface to co ntroller: RS485-monitored CerPass/UCI protoco, Omron (Clock&Data) or Wiegand. Indicators: 3 x LED, 1 x buzzer. Indoor and outdoor use. Housing: PC/ABS plastic. Colour: silver. CE approval. Compatible cards include: ABP5100-PR and ABP5100-BL.
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