Verid+™ fingerprint readers from TSSI - for secure access control

Product Profile

How can you be sure you know who is entering key areas like communications / computer room, stock room or cash office?

The TSSI Verid+™ fingerprint reader for access control systems offers a secure solution.  Verid+™ provides the ability to control the movement of staff without the threat of misuse from borrowed or lost cards, or shared PINs.  Cardholders are assigned entry zones that are used by the system to determine who goes where.   The fingerprint verification ensures the correct person is present, not just their PIN or card.  
Designed for easy integration to access control systems, each Verid+™ fingerprint reader contains the complete enrolment, verification and database software in a single wall mounted housing.  Verid+™ can be networked using RS485 to offer automatic configuration and synchronisation of the unit's databases. 
Three versions of Verid+™ are available:
  • Verid+™ - recognises all common PIN devices
  • Verid+™ PIN - equipped with an integral keypad
  • Verid+™ Prox - equipped with an integral HID proximity reader

Verid+™ is in daily use in over 300 vehicles of one of Britain's leading cash handling providers.   
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Technical Specification

Manufacturer TSSI
Model code Verid+™
Standalone/ Networked/ PC Standalone
Additional info Uses PINS, magnetic cards, proximity cards or smart cards. Up to 128 Verid+ units can be linked via Verid's RS485 network, offering automatic database synchronisation. Easy communication with your access control system PIN data input Wiegand / proximity / MAGTEK & OMRON track 2 and Watermark® protocols all supported. Other versions available: Verid+PIN: system equipped with an integral keypad and, Verid+Prox: system fitted with an integral prox reader.
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