SMARTair™ Pro: The cost-effective solution for real-time access control in a busy workplace

Product Profile

The modern workplace never rests. People are always on the move and the environment is subject to constant change. As a result, the need for effective, flexible control and security is increasingly important. Every site has its own challenges and requirements; from the protection of files and documents to restricting access to sensitive areas in a medical centre or having real-time information about employee movements around a complex company.

Intelligent online access control

For every one of these needs and more, SMARTair™ Pro Wireless Online offers the ideal access control solution. This secure wireless system is quick and easy to install and provides cost-effectiveness by keeping energy use and maintenance costs to a minimum.

The new SMARTair™ solution is an intelligent online access control system that uses bi-directional encrypted radio frequency communication to upgrade security and convenience for all building users. SMARTair™ wireless, battery-powered door devices communicate with the central control system via TCP/IP hubs. With SMARTair™, system administrators can now open secure doors from anywhere, configure a user’s access rights remotely, or obtain real-time audit trails for any access point within the organisation.

Lost or stolen cards can be instantly cancelled. Simple and intuitive system software makes it easy for facility managers to receive active e-mail warnings and real-time reports, access real-time door updates, or modify the time and scheduling of access rights.

Key components

The system has a simple but effective architecture consisting of four key elements. Door and wall devices include wireless electronic escutcheons, cylinders and wall readers that can be installed at any type of exterior or interior door or access point.

The SMARTair™ admin software is an intuitive management tool that offers flexibility and real-time control, accessible also from a secure portal that works inside almost any standard web browser.

Communication hubs are the nexus between the management software server and the wireless online devices. Each can connect up to 30 access points at a distance of up to 30 metres.

Finally, SMARTair™ supports all major RFID technologies, including iCLASS® by HID, MIFARE CLASSIC, DESFire and SKIDATA. It’s also compatible with multiple credentials for user convenience, including the SMARTair™ mobile phone app (Android, iOS, WinPho), cards, tags, bracelets and stickers.

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Technical Specification

Manufacturer TESA
Model code SMARTair Wall Reader
Series Pro Wireless Online
IP Rating IP55
Keypad Integrated Yes
LED / Beep LED (green/red)
Clock-and-Data Interface Yes
Electrical Specifications Voltage: 12 ~ 24 V AC - V DC
Environmental Specifications Operating Temp oC: -20 ~ +80 C (-4 ~ +176 F)
Operating Humidity %: 85
Additional info

SMARTair wired wall readers with RFID reader are suitable for automated doors, turnstiles, barriers, elevators or any access in which the locking or blocking element is an automatism. The wall reader incorporates a relay and a control unit which manages both the reader and the relay.

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