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One size does not fit all when it comes to managing a facility's access rights. With SMARTair™ from TESA, security managers have a choice between 4 levels of access control, each tailored to the needs of different doors and premises. And you don't need to choose one: all of them can work together in the same organisation, providing exactly the appropriate rights management solution for each door—online or offline, high or medium security.

SMARTair™ Stand-Alone is suited for smaller premises and low-traffic doors. Facility managers update access rights at the door using the supplied programming card. No access control software is needed.

SMARTair™ Offline provides an extra layer of security. In addition to SMARTair™ Stand-Alone features, access rights can be scheduled and it's easy to generate a manual audit trail for any door in the facility.

The SMARTair™ Update on Card option adds more automated access rights management, and is suited to buildings with more doors and higher footfall. Access rights are managed via a wall updater. Facility managers can update access directly via user cards, schedule access rights when needed, and generate automatic audit trails with the easy-to-use system management software.

SMARTair™ Wireless Online provides the maximum level of system control for large, busy and high-security doors or buildings. A network of wireless hubs links doors to the company's access control system. It's easy for security managers to update or deny access rights wirelessly, or to generate real-time audit trails for any lock in the organisation. Moreover, system managers can open doors remotely via a web browser or mobile app.

Facility managers can pick 1, 2, or even all 4, of these SMARTair™ solutions to fine tune their organisation's access rights management.

And SMARTair™ gives facilities managers the power to manage access to more than just doors. As well as electronic cylinders, escutcheons, locks, and wall readers, SMARTair™ provides locks for cabinets, lifts, vending machines, and lockers.

With SMARTair™ from TESA, it is simple to manage the rights of every lock within one single, secure access system.

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Technical Specification

Manufacturer TESA
Model code SMARTair™
Kits Yes
Standalone/ Networked/ PC Standalone / Networked
c/w Cards, Tags or Fobs Cards
Additional info TESA SMARTair™ wireless access control system is easy to install, with no cabling, no wires. The administrative software is simple, visual, and easy even for non-technical staff to master. Its matrix is intuitive, and based on standard mechanical master key systems for a pain-free transition. SMARTair™ is cost-effective to run on a daily basis. Using standard batteries, rather than a mains power connection, keeps running and maintenance costs for locks to a minimum. Smart locks alert you when batteries need replacing. For every door, at every level of control, SMARTair™ offers the most efficient and flexible way to update access rights or receive audit trails.
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