Tecnovideo presents 129LC series: the new medium size stainless steel liquid cooled camera housings

Product Profile

Liquid cooled camera housings are required for installations in very hot environments. 

When it comes to stand with very high temperatures and severe ambient conditions, like in hot industrial plants, Tecnovideo LC (Liquid Cooled) series camera housings are the most suitable solution. 

The housing main body is made up by two stainless steel tubes closed at their ends, forming a special chamber that allows the water or any other liquid to flow and cool down the housing. 

The front flange is designed to allow compressed air to be distributed all around the window to cool it down and keep it clean from dirty and dust. It's an essential protection when the housing is located in foundries, near oven or dusty and dirty hot places. The compressed air can be filtered using the ABFL-01 filtering battery, available as optional. 

Tecnovideo LC series comprises 129LC, for small-medium size cameras/lenses, and 168LC series for medium-large cameras/lenses, both completely constructed in AISI316L stainless steel. 

Both series are available for visible and for IR thermal imaging cameras. 

Borosilicate glass (Borofloat) front windows, with high chemical resistance and low thermal expansion, are the best solution for visible light cameras. 

Germanium window, with special diamond like coating (DLC), recommended for environmental temperature not higher than 100° C, and Zinc Selenide window for higher temperatures, are both available for applications using IR thermal imaging cameras. 

Upon request are available sapphire windows for MWIR (mid-wavelength infrared) range (3 - 5 μm). 

For further information, please visit the LC Series page.

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Technical Specification

Make Tecnovideo
Manufacturer Tecnovideo
Model code 129LC
Series 129LC Series
Housing Type Camera Housings
Environmental Specifications Protection: IP67
Housing Material Stainless steel
Physical Specifications Dimensions mm: 224.3 x 175 x 400
Weight g: 13000
Additional info Hot and harsh environments require adequate equipment. The 129LC (liquid cooled) series stainless steel camera housing is designed to protect cameras and optics in the most severe applications. This series is conceived to fit cameras that are too small to need a 168LC series camera housing, but need an extra protection for very hot and dirty places, such as ovens and foundries. The front flange is engineered to have an air barrier, useful both to cooling down and keeping the front window clean. To avoid oil and dust particles and to grant clean air for the barrier, a filter battery is available as optional.
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