Now available from TDSi, SOLOgarde is a dedicated stand alone door controller

Product Profile

Now available from TDSi, SOLOgarde is a dedicated stand-alone door controller.  Providing a high-quality, cost-effective access control solution for a wide range of applications, SOLOgarde is fast and easy to install and to program.

  • Capable of supporting up to 1,000 users, SOLOgarde utilises the highly secure MIFARE® smartcard technology, enabling users to carry and use just a single card for multiple applications.
  • The SOLOgarde controller provides a great deal of flexibility.  For example, the ‘toggle mode' feature allows the system to be used to set or unset an intruder alarm for specific users.  The same functionality may be used to allow specified cardholders to unlock and then lock specific rooms for a period of time, simply by presenting their card to the reader at the start and end of the period.
  • The unit has been developed with the needs of disabled users in mind; a DDA user group automatically applies an extended lock time for card-holders assigned to that preset group.
  • SOLOgarde features an innovative hand-held programmer.  Easy to use, the programmer completely eliminates the need to manage and control shadow cards, allowing not only the easy and clear management of all user cards, but also enabling more advanced functionality - including controller settings and diagnostic features.
  • A second reader may also be connected to the SOLOgarde controller providing true read-in/read-out capability.

Installation is quick and straightforward.  SOLOgarde requires just a standard electrical back box - there is no need for a special enclosure and the spring-loaded terminals mean that no special fitting tools are required.

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Technical Specification

Make TDSi
Manufacturer TDSi
Model code SOLOgarde
Controller Type Standalone
Max No. of Doors per Controller 1
No of Cardholders 1,000
Communication Type RS-485
Onboard No/Type of Inputs / Outputs Inputs for egress button, door sense, tamper and clock timer, 1 change-over relay for lock or other equipment, 1 solid state alarm output for connection to external sounding / visual indication device
Electrical Specifications Voltage: 10 ~ 14 VDC
Physical Specifications Dimensions mm: 180 x 180 x 18
Weight g: 5
Environmental Specifications Operating Temp oC: -20 ~ +60
Operating Humidity %: 0 ~ 95
Additional info Controller settings and diagnostic features.  The system utilises MIFARE smart card technology.  2 time groups (users can be members of either or both time groups); function requires connection of a suitable clock timer.  Diagnostic LEDs.  Employs a hand-held programmer.
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