TDSi’s comprehensive product range features extensive integration and network capabilities

Product Profile

TDSi's extensive suite of products has been designed with integration and network capability to the forefront, with IP connectivity a standard feature across the range.

Amongst the company's most recent product developments are the addition of an IP option to the proven MICROgarde range and an updated version of the access management software system, EXgarde PRO, which provides powerful integration capability.


MICROgarde IP is a powerful addition to TDSi's range of controllers.  Available for both one and two door controller options, this product offers all the functionality of the established MICROgarde system - with the added benefit of being able to be directly connected to a LAN or WAN.

MICROgarde offers an extremely cost-effective, entry level controller, containing many of the features that would ordinarily only be found in much larger, more expensive systems. Operating with TDSi or third party readers, the system has an operational capacity of 5,000 card holders and is capable of supporting up to 400 doors - as well as controlling the automatic release of fire doors, upon an active input.

Featuring distributed intelligence, MICROgarde controllers can operate as a fully integrated part of a system network, providing users with full control and event reporting - which may be customised to suit specific needs.

Integration Capability with EXgarde PRO

EXgarde PRO is TDSi's market-leading, fully featured access management software application that delivers a wide range of functionality through a user-friendly interface.

The new version, V3, offers unparalleled integration capabilities, providing users with a flexible and dynamic platform and the ability for complete building and security management.

Through the use of a suite of database tools, EXgarde PRO delivers seamless integration with a wide range of proprietary and bespoke systems - such as Schools Information Management Systems, HR, Payroll, Time and Attendance, CCTV, Fire, Intruder and One-card software applications, offering the potential for considerable resource savings, in both time and cost.

Powerful and versatile, EXgarde PRO is capable of controlling a single door at one site with a small number of users, right up to thousands of doors across multiple sites with thousands of users.

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Technical Specification

Make TDSi
Manufacturer TDSi
Model code MICROgarde II IP
Controller Type Networkable
Max No. of Doors per Controller 2
No of Cardholders 5,000
Networkable Yes
Universal / Wiegand Reader Interface Yes
Additional info Can be directly connected to a LAN or WAN. Automatic fire door release. Available as a one or two door controller. Optional input/ output modules. Event reporting. Fully automated backup. Easy to install.
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