TDSi eXtour - Guard Tour module for eXguard PRO

Product Profile

eXtour provides an effective means of managing guard security tours, utilising TDSi's access control readers.

Traditional guard tour systems relied on specialised equipment, such as wands, meaning all logged data had to be downloaded before it could be analysed or reported. 

eXtour eliminates the need for such equipment, giving real time information and control.

Using TDSi's eXguard PRO software, the eXtour module allows each guard tour to be separately configured by defining:

  • the specific readers within the access control system that are to be included
  • the order in which the guard's card must be presented to the readers
  • the time frame, after the start of the tour, in which the card must be presented to each specific reader

If the guard presents their card to the readers in the correct order and within the specified time, it indicates correct procedures are being followed.  If the card is presented too early, it suggests that the guard may have missed elements of the tour; if presented too late, or not at all, the guard may require assistance.  In this case, an alarm is raised.

eXtour incorporates a range of features for the security manager:

  • a comprehensive ‘overview' control screen, showing the real-time status of all active tours
  • a Tour Alarm pane, showing any alarms raised by early or late card presentation
  • a reporting tool, allowing completed tours to be summarised and analysed. Reports may be printed to assess staff productivity and provide an audit trail
  • a backup tool, ensuring data is saved in the event of equipment failure
  • a comprehensive built-in help system
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Technical Specification

Make TDSi
Manufacturer TDSi
Model code EXtour
Accessories Guard tool module
Additional info eXguard PRO Access Management PC software provides the flexibility needed through easy-to-understand expansion options. These additional features gives eXguard PRO the ability to integrate with equipment from leading CCTV or biometric reader manufacturers. eXguard PRO expansion options allow you to tailor the software to your exact requirements.
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