Tamron announces M111FM50 manual iris, fixed lens with 50mm focal length

Product Profile

One of the leading companies in the security/surveillance equipment industry and specialised manufacturer of optics, Tamron Co., Ltd., Saitama, Japan (President & CEO: Morio Ono) announces development of a new 50mm F/1.8 fixed focal lens in 1.1” format tuned for a pixel pitch of 3.1 µm.

Developments of new 50mm F/1.8 fixed focal lens

Tamron offers an extensive range of optics for a whole variety of customer needs so?customers can pick and choose the best solution for their own applications. Users of certain types of equipment require particularly high-fidelity images.

In addition to the FA (Factory Automation) series of lenses for high-pixel count imagers currently available, Tamron developed the 1.1” M111FM50 to support 3.1µm pixel pitch imagers, boasting the highest level of resolution among the entire lens lineup.

Furthermore, the new 1.1” format lens model expands the product portfolio of the company’s industrial-vision optics beyond the existing lineup comprised of 1/1.8” (six models in the M118 Series) and 2/3” (seven models in the M23 Series) respectively. With the broader range of product offerings to support the higher imaging quality needs, the scope of applications making the most of high mega-pixel cameras shall be brought to the next height.

Looking forward, Tamron is poised for accelerating development of new industrial-vision lenses, keeping pace with the advancement of cameras geared towards higher pixel counts and more diversified application fields, with greater versatility and handling ease as well as ensuring outstanding optical performance across the entire field.

The new M111FM50 fixed focal lens has the following features:

High resolving power

  • Industry-leading resolving power optimally tuned for 3.1µm pixel pitch 1.1” imagers renders high-fidelity images equivalent to 12MP resolution.

Image quality prioritised for closer distance range

  • The superb image quality at the most commonly used closer distance range is achieved in line with the design philosophy that has been demonstrated in our current FA-series lenses.

Operational ease

  • Smooth rotation torque of both focus and iris rings facilitates the adjustment of both focusing and aperture.

Sophisticated optical design to deliver distinguished image quality

  • Excellent image quality from center to corner is delivered based on the latest optical design technology with discernible resolution and contrast.
  • Enhanced transmissivity across the whole bandwidth is attained with Tamron’s original coating technology.

Compatibility with diversified imagers

  • The17.6mm Effective Image Circle Diameter of the lens expands its compatibility with a broader range of cameras with multiple imager formats up to 1.1”.
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Technical Specification

Make Tamron
Manufacturer Tamron Co., Ltd.
Model code M111FM50
Lens Type Fixed
Focal Length mm 50 mm focal length
Iris Type Manual Iris
Lens Mount C mount
F-Stop F/1.8-22 F-stop
Additional info Tamron M111FM50 is a 50mm fixed focal lens with high resolving power, image quality prioritised for closer distance range, operational ease, sophisticated optical design to deliver distinguished image quality and compatibility with diversified imagers.
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