Tamron DF204 near IR corrected/3 MP lens for surveillance integrated vari-focal lens

Product Profile

Tamron Co., Ltd., comprehensive optics manufacturer and a leader company in the security industry, announced the release of an integrated type Near-IR Corrected / 3 Mega-Pixel Vari-Focal Lens.

Beginning with the DF010 in 2009, Tamron has garnered extraordinary installed base of near infrared surveillance lenses, accompanied by a body of highly satisfied users. Over time, however, increasing camera resolution capabilities and larger camera sensors created a need for a similar lens with substantially higher performance characteristics-in both visible and IR spectrums. In response, Tamron engineers undertook a full redesign project, retaining the heart of the successful DF010 while creating a new, high resolution optic for daylight and night surveillance applications. The result produced a lens with significantly higher resolving capability in visible and IR spectrums with a substantially larger image circle to accommodate a wider variety of larger camera sensors.

Key features

  1. Superb 24-Hour Optical Performance
    • 3-mega-pixel resolution in both visible and near-infrared spectrums provides night and day surveillance clarity.
  2. Focal Length Range from 3 to 9mm
    • Provides a board horizontal angle of view of 93°at the 3mm setting.
  3. Ideal for System Upgrades
    • Sized comparably to competitive lenses with similar specifications, often enabling upgrade interchangeability without camera changes
  4. Class-leading compactness
    • Improved optical performance without sacrificing form factor compactness
    • Compatible with typical three-inch dome installations
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Technical Specification

Make Tamron
Manufacturer Tamron Co., Ltd.
Model code DF024
Lens Type Varifocal
Lens Format inches 1/3 inch
Focal Length mm 3 ~ 9 mm focal length
IR Corrected (Aspherical) Yes
Varifocal Yes
Additional info Tamron DF024 is near IR corrected/3 mega-pixel lens for surveillance integrated vari-focal lens that features superb 24-hour optical performance and provides a board horizontal angle of view of 93°at the 3mm setting. It is ideal for system upgrades. It improves optical performance without sacrificing form factor compactness.
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