Tamron introduces its DF010Q03 P-iris vari-focal lens

Product Profile

Tamron recently released Model DF010Q03, a P-iris vari-focal lens for integrated cameras supporting mega-pixel resolutions and infrared, with a 1/3" imager size, 3.0-9.0mm focal length, and an F/1.2 aperture.

Development background

Demand for compact, integrated cameras is on the rise in the mega-pixel security camera market due to their installation efficiency and cost advantages. Tamron brought high-definition monitoring to the mega-pixel security camera market in 2008 with the Model DF010, a 3.0-9mm F/1.2 vari-focal lens for integrated cameras that supports both mega-pixel resolutions and infrared.

In addition, the spread of mini-dome cameras and development of image sensors with higher pixel counts has led to a strong demand for higher definition in monitoring images. Existing lenses could not fine-tune the iris to match the environment, so image quality degradation due to diffraction at smaller aperture in bright areas was common. Tamron has addressed this issue with Model DF010Q03, a vari-focal lens with P-iris technology incorporating a bipolar drive stepper motor for fine-tuning the iris. This enhancement produces high-definition, high-contrast monitoring images in a broader range of camera installation environments.

Main features

  • Stepper motor design allows the precise control of the iris setting - There is often a drastic drop in image quality with ordinary lenses due to a diffraction phenomenon caused by small apertures. Normally, a galvanometer is used to control the iris of the lens but precise adjustments of the aperture to a desired position were not possible. By using a stepper motor to control the iris, this lens is capable of adjusting the aperture to a position that does not cause diffraction, enabling an appropriate exposure level by utilising the camera shutter speed.*1 The result is the ability to record high quality, high contrast images, even in bright outdoor areas. This fine-tune control allows the user to acquire excellent image quality while at the same time achieve good depth of field at most installations.
  • While maintaining resolution above a mega-pixel, the lens delivers a standard range of 3.0-9mm, and F/1.2 brightness. Tamron's proprietary optical design achieve high resolution and high contrast not only in the center, but also at the image corners.
  • Compact design is ready for installation on popular 3-inch mini-dome cameras.
  • An infrared switching mechanism enables 24-hour surveillance, providing clear image quality even at night and near infrared lighting conditions, achieving true 24-hour surveillance.
  • Further improvement in corner resolution is realised over earlier model lenses with more than a mega-pixel in resolution.
  • Attention is paid to diverse CMOS sensor size in the image circle design.
  • Gear rings on the control ring enable remote control of focus and zoom.
  • The lens is designed as an environmentally sensitive product.
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Technical Specification

Make Tamron
Manufacturer Tamron Co., Ltd.
Model code DF010Q03
Lens Format inches 1/3
Focal Length mm 3 ~ 9
F-Stop 1.2
Zoom Ratio 3x
Angle (Field) of View o 93 ~ 68.4
Varifocal Yes
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