Tamron develops three 1/3 inch format megapixel compatible varifocal lenses

Product Profile

Morio Ono, President of Tamron Co. Ltd, has announced the successful development of a new series of 1/3"-format varifocal lenses compatible with surveillance and security cameras equipped with image sensors having megapixel counts.  The first three lenses of the new series are: 2.4-6mm F/1.2, 3-8mm F/1.0 and 5-50mm F/1.4.

The development concept

Increased demand by users for higher optical quality is a constant in this new era of surveillance and security.  Additionally, prompted by a rapid progress in imaging technologies, environments that allow enhancement of image quality from surveillance systems are being formed with the advent of new image compression and digital transmission technologies as well as surveillance cameras equipped with image sensors having megapixel.  In order to respond to such changes in the surveillance market, engineers at Tamron challenged the difficult task of developing lenses that meet such market needs, and developed a new series of 1/3"-format high-resolution varifocal lenses that derive 100% of performance from surveillance cameras equipped with image sensors having megapixel counts.

Main features common to all three models

  • High optical quality that derives maximum performance of megapixel surveillance cameras
  • Highly accurate and high-quality mechanical construction to achieve the maximum performance of the optical system
  • Environmentally-friendly design

Main features of each model

1/3" - format megapixel compatible 2.4-6mm F/1.2

  • While the lens covers f=2.4mm at its wide end (for an angle of view of 111.3°) and features a fast maximum aperture of F/1.2, it is an extremely compact varifocal lens.
  • Since the lens is capable of capturing a wide scope in high optical quality, it can be used effectively for cropping images from IP cameras.  Also, it is an ideal lens for monitoring scenes in a confined space with a single camera, such as elevator halls or stores.

1/3" - format megapixel compatible 3-8mm F/1.0

  • While the optical quality is enhanced to support megapixel cameras through the employment of an advanced optical system, this versatile varifocal lens covers the most popular focal length range of f=3-8mm.  The focal length of f=3mm at its wide end (for angle of view of 90°) make the lens particularly convenient to use.
  • While the lens is designed for high optical quality, it realizes a fast maximum aperture of F/1.0.  It supports even a low-sensitivity megapixel sensor with its fast maximum aperture, providing an ideal solution for megapixel cameras used in relatively dark places.

 1/3" - format megapixel compatible 5-50mm F/1.4

  • While supporting megapixel cameras with the fast maximum aperture of F/1.4, it covers the most popular telephoto focal length range of f=5-50mm.  Tamron's engineers challenged the most difficult task of designing a high-performance, high-power and fast varifocal lens and accomplished the difficult task.
  • The lens provides an ideal solution for various applications including outdoor surveillance, traffic monitoring and security in large facilities.
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Technical Specification

Make Tamron
Manufacturer Tamron Co., Ltd.
Model code 13VG550ASII-SQ
Zoom type Motorised
Lens Format inches 1/3
Focal Length mm 5 ~ 50
Iris Type Auto Iris
Lens Mount CS
F-Stop F1.4
IR Corrected (Aspherical) Yes
Zoom Ratio 10:1
Direct Drive Yes
Angle (Field) of View o 53.6 x 40.3
Physical Specifications Dimensions mm: 42 (Dia) x 59.2
Weight g: 84
Environmental Specifications Operating Temperature oC: -20 ~ +60
Varifocal Yes
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