Video surveillance equipment - Round table discussions

How can security integrators/installers stand out in the market?

It’s a challenging time for security integrators and installers. Equipment prices are going down (along with margins), and commoditisation is wiping away what used to be the advantage of exclusively offering a top product brand. Integrators can continue to succeed by finding a way to move ahead of the pack – but how? We asked this week’s Expert Panel Roundtable: How should integrators/installers differentiate themselves or make themselves stand out in today’s market?

What trade-offs are required when accessing video on a smart phone or handheld device?

The ability to view surveillance footage on mobile devices adds greater flexibility to an organisation's security monitoring system. But of course, there are drawbacks. In the age of mobile devices, we are able to do more and more while "on the go" and are less limited by the need to be at a desktop computer with internet / network connectivity. We are seeing the proliferation of mobile apps designed to enable us to access our most important files and perform important tasks...