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You'd be hard-pressed to find anyone nowadays who hasn't heard about global warming. It's literally a hot topic. Everything from driving a car or flying in an airplane to eating a steak supposedly increases the Earth's temperature. Yet did you know that some research now shows that every second you spend reading this Web page emits 20 milligrams of CO2 into the atmosphere?

While many everyday computer users are unaware of or overlook the implications that the Internet and networks have on our environment, it's no longer possible for those in the network industry to turn a blind eye. With figures coming out that the information and communication technology industry produces around 2% of the world's greenhouse gases, equaling that of the airline industry, it is now imperative to find ways to reduce power consumption.

Consequently, Optelecom-NKF (the manufacturer of Siqura®) is looking for new ways to decrease the carbon footprint of its Siqura surveillance solutions.

 Lowering a network's carbon footprint

The recent release of the Siqura S-68 E introduces a whole new level of efficiency to the video surveillance industry. Through its intelligent design and innovative sharing of resources, the S-68 E uses a mere 0.9 watt per channel. As a result, the S-68 E is one of the most energy-efficient solutions available for video streaming. Moreover, since the S-68 E is capable of streaming up to 88 analog video channels in just one 5.25 (or 3U) x 19 inch power supply cabinet, it is the most compact solution on the market.

Cutting costs

Yet helping the planet isn't the only benefit of cutting power and space requirements: Due to its ecological energy expenditure and small size, the S-68 E video server also lessens both the electrical costs of operation as well as those incurred for cooling data centres.

Keeping quality and expectations high

In generating greener solutions, Siqura has certainly not let the necessities of excellent video surveillance fall to the wayside. The S-68 E includes all the latest features and options, making it easy to implement in any high-density professional installation.

Through an intuitive access-controlled Web interface, it is possible to configure an array of features included in the S-68 E, such as the use of video motion detection (VMD) or serial data streams to control a PTZ camera or implement access control. Additionally, these compact video servers are based on an open streaming architecture (OSA) standard that simplifies their use in third-party systems.

In its ultimate effort to help you maintain the safety and security of the people of this planet, Optelecom-NKF is working hard to provide you with sustainable surveillance solutions while at the same time maintaining the quality and reliability for which Siqura is reputed.

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Technical Specification

Make Siqura
Manufacturer Siqura B.V.
Model code S-68 E
Video Inputs 8
Network Protocols H.264 BP, MPEG-4 ES, (M)JPEG, RTP, RTCP, RTSP*
Interface 10/100Base-TX Fast-Ethernet
Image per second (IPS) 30
Physical Specifications Dimensions mm: 128 x 34 x 190
Electrical Specifications Power Consumption: 7.5 W
Voltage: 12 VDC
Environmental Specifications Operating Temperature oC: -10 ~ 60
Operating Humidity %: 0 ~ 95
Additional info Very high density video input solution (up to 88 channels per 3U-19inch rack). VMD per channel. 3-level access control. *DHCP, SNMPv2, IGMPv2, NTP, HTTP, SAP, UPnP, DiffServ, TelNet, FTP.
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