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Every year, hundreds of millions of dollars are spent on video surveillance equipment. Most of these purchases are preventative and once a system is set up, most expect it to work. Yet, despite high-tech surveillance systems receiving regular maintenance inspections, every system is at risk of failing at just the wrong time.

Efficiently ensuring success

In an effort to combat potential pitfalls, Siqura recently introduced two new VCA components into its multi-channel H.264 video servers and IP cameras: the Siqura Image Quality Monitor (IQM) and the Siqura Tampering Detector. They offer the CCTV and video surveillance industry a solution that monitors every system’s most failure-prone part, namely, the camera.

The IQM measures elements of the camera image and alerts operators within seconds of malfunction. Whether changes in lighting conditions require refocusing or the iris control gets stuck, the IQM initiates an alarm to ensure that you know almost immediately if something is amiss with a particular camera’s picture.

Since cleaning or mechanical vibrations can reposition cameras and a lens can become contaminated by spiders or dust or even unlawful behaviour, the Tampering Detector compares the actual camera scene with the intended one and alerts you of any unexpected changes. Therefore, despite the normal wear and tear of everyday operation, users can rest assured that their video surveillance system is recording what it needs to, when it needs to, even when using PTZ cameras.

Maintenance on demand

Since each of these VCA programs checks the status or well-being of the attached camera by monitoring the camera’s position and image quality, users can rest assured that their surveillance system is functioning optimally. These applications also enable operators to proactively prevent or address malfunction and damage through performing maintenance on demand rather than according to a set schedule.

The advantages and applications of the camera health check programmes are described at length in the white paper,"Safeguarding your surveillance system."

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Technical Specification

Make Siqura
Manufacturer Siqura B.V.
Model code S-64 E
Video Inputs 4 channels
Compression Type H.264, M-JPEG
Network Protocols H.264 BP, (M)JPEG, RTP, RTSP, RTCP, DHCP, SNMPv2,*
Interface 10/100Base-TX Fast-Ethernet
Image per second (IPS) 30
Physical Specifications Dimensions mm: 128 x 34 x 190
Electrical Specifications Voltage: 12 V DC
Power Consumption: 7.5 W
Environmental Specifications Operating Temperature oC: -10 ~ 60
Operating Humidity %: 0 ~ 95
Additional info *IGMPv2, NTP, HTTP, SAP, UPnP, DiffServ, TelNet, FTP
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