SightLogix outdoor video analytic systems solve the toughest perimeter security problems

Product Profile

The SightLogix® Automated Outdoor Video System solves the toughest outdoor security problems, accurately detecting, assessing and locating intrusions over outdoor areas and perimeters in all weather and geographic conditions. The SightLogix system is built on open standards to integrate with all leading VMS and PSIM applications without middleware, custom integration or additional equipment. The system supports end-to-end data security, open IT standards and configurable bandwidth.

By integrating many times the typical processing power at the "network edge," the SightLogix system eliminates variations from wind, lighting, foliage, moving clouds, shadows and vibrations. 

The benefit is increased coverage area with a high probability of target detection and greatly reduced nuisance alarms. Increased coverage also means fewer cameras and infrastructure, making SightLogix the most cost-effective solution for outdoor security.

SightLogix systems are geo-registered to the scene, providing the "what" and "where" of security breaches, while accurately determining target size across a large field of view to filter out small animals and blowing debris.

Using geo-registration, the system can display the coordinates of detected targets onto a sitemap for situational awareness and to automatically position PTZ cameras to zoom and follow targets.

The SightLogix solution includes long range Thermal and Visible SightSensor® security cameras, SightTracker™ automated PTZ/Dome camera controllers for target identification, and SightMonitor™ coordination and GPS target location topology map display software.

SightLogix remote systems are available in fixed, rapid deployment or mobile deployment. The net-centric SightLogix system is designed to operate over low-bandwidth wireless networks and can run on solar/battery power. SightLogix systems are deployed around the world, protecting assets in the desert heat to the frozen arctic.

 SightLogix security systems
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Technical Specification

Make SightLogix
Manufacturer SightLogix
Model code SightMonitor
Software Type Surveillance software
Additional info

SightLogix® SightMonitor® is a configuration and monitoring application for all devices in the SightLogix Automated Outdoor Video system. The SightMonitor system consists of Coordination System (CS) server software and one or more SightMonitor clients. Used to track the precise location of security events.

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