Warrior Security corporate profile

Warrior Security is Africa's most trusted specialist in the provision of integrated risk solutions. Warrior Security's cost effective security operations are focused on mitigating risk and enabling organisations to achieve their goals. Warrior tailors solutions to meet unique needs, creating a safe environment in which to operate.

The company is built around professionals who have extensive experience in dangerous and often chaotic environments, coupled to intimate knowledge of the cultural and regional peculiarities of their specialist country of operation. Warrior operates primarily in post conflict areas of Africa in which we provide quality security management to corporate, government and humanitarian organizations. At the same time we work closely with the local community, providing training and employment.

Warrior deploys trusted professionals with the capability to provide in-depth knowledge about their area and the capacity and credibility to deliver first class integrated solutions. Quality assurance procedures to ISO 9001 underpins our commitment to produce a consistent customer oriented service, with independent scrutiny.
Although principally managers of people, it is a mastery and implementation of technology that enhances our performance and ability to deliver. Our market leading technology drives and underpins everything we do.

Our senior people are comfortable in any environment worldwide but it is our grounding locally that gives us our edge. Primarily a ground operator, Warrior has experienced at first hand the ground truth and developed the necessary systems, procedures and resources to serve our clients with strength and integrity.

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