VKC-1375 and VKCD-1375 video clips: Absent

Cameras are becoming more and more intelligent. eneo's VKC-1375 Box Camera and VKCD-1375 Fixed Dome from eneo are current examples of this. Motion detection has been implemented with different functionalities and configuration options: classic motion detection is applied to the entire scene with automatic upsizing and tracking of the detected movement by PTZ. Now though, the Mine Area function is used to preselect relevant areas, such as a wire, barrier or an area where unauthorised entry is prohibited. But the eneo technology goes even further: their range of functions include face image recognition and alerting when an object is moved out of a predefined area, plus cross object counting and entrance counting. With Cross Object Counting, two vertical lines defined in the picture are used for counting objects that move past, such as vehicles driving past a building. With Entrance Counting, the camera counts the number of people who enter or leave an entrance area, such as in a supermarket. The number counted is displayed directly in the camera image for both functions.