Traka’s intelligent solution installed at Marchwood Power Station, UK

Marchwood Power Limited operates a £380 million combined cycle power station near Southampton. The plant’s commercial success depends on its ability to manage operational risks and provide a continuous supply of energy. The plant has installed a bespoke key management solution from Traka. Concerns had been raised over the plant’s safety and security regarding its key management strategy. Previously at Marchwood Power, keys had been stored in a control room and managed by on site technicians. With Traka’s system, all keys are permanently attached to a metal iFob by a tamper proof security seal. The iFob ‘electronically tags’ each key with a unique identity and locks the key to the inside of its cabinet until its release by an authorised user. Certain keys require two user types to authorise their release. By preventing unauthorised access to areas and equipment, the fully automated and audited process has helped to eliminate security breaches at the plant, as well as reduce time spent on key management. The system is entirely scalable, so can be easily expanded to secure more access areas as required.