Texecom Premier Compact Series detectors

Texecom’s Premier Compact detectors are designed to provide optimum performance levels in any type of residential environment. A variety of detection technologies ensure there is a Premier Compact model to overcome even the most challenging installation. In below freezing temperatures, detectors are prone to false alarming due to other heat sources such as sunlight being mistaken for a genuine intrusion. In warm climates where there may not be much difference between ambient room temperature and body temperature, standard PIRs may result in an intruder going undetected as the detector may not be able to distinguish between the two heat sources. The Premier Compact XT, QD, and PW are ideal for such environments. The Premier Compact PW is also ideal for homes with pets, providing immunity for pets up to 35kg ensuring your home is always protected and false alarms avoided. For homes in non-hostile environments where the ambient room temperature doesn’t generally rise above 25 °C, the Premier Compact IR is the perfect choice – a highly reliable and cost-effective PIR with a host of exceptional features.