Symmetry meets National Grid’s NERC, CIP and TWIC security needs

National Grid is an international electricity and gas company with 95% of its activities in regulated businesses. It is the largest utility in the UK and the second largest utility in the US. National Grid built a state of the art Security Operations Center which encompasses access control, video, intrusion, perimeter and Critical Infrastructure Protection sites for their facilities in New York City, Long Island, New Hampshire, Massachusetts and upstate New York.

National Grid installed Symmetry Global Security Management System from AMAG Technology, which manages all operations for their 300+ sites, including 156,000 daily card holder transactions as well as monitoring who enters and exits their plants, operating yards and substations. National grid must adhere to strict standards and compliances for operation, from maintaining Transportation Worker Identification Credentials on water ways to adhering to the North American Electric Reliability Corporation standard. Symmetry ensures they meet these standards and maintain physical perimeter security at each site.

National Grid also works closely with Alliance Systems Integrators to ensure they are in compliance with Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism regulations to protect its critical infrastructure. Symmetry integrates with Verint’s Nextiva video system to monitor its manned and unmanned sites, and with NEC’s Fault Tolerant Express Server and Express Cluster to ensure continuous operation in the event of a system failure. With the help of AMAG Technology’s Symmetry, National Grid is able to improve its security procedures and efficiencies.

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