Sony Professional unveils the world's first high-definition intelligent PTZ network security cameras

Sony Professional has announced the industry's first HD pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) IP network security cameras. The cameras are part of the new SNC-RH series camera lineup and have the ability to pan 360 degrees, while capturing and streaming HD video at up to 30 frames per second.

The SNC-RH series is the most advanced range of Sony's IP-based network security cameras. The new models - the SNC-RH124P for indoor use and SNC-RH164P for outdoor use - are the first in their class capable of transmitting HD images using H.264 video compression technology. This allows the transmission and storage of digital video using less bandwidth than previous video compression solutions. As a result images from the cameras can be easily connected to a network server, such as Sony's NSR-1000 Series, and displayed in high definition, offering the highest quality image representation.

"High definition imaging and intelligent video analysis are two key features in the new cameras that are driving the market transition from analogue to IP video security technology," said Yu Kitamura, EMEA Product Manager, Video Security, Sony Professional. "When combined with the ability to transmit high-definition video using advanced video compression signals, Sony provides a complete HD security system from camera to recorder to display. This gives users added flexibility to deploy HD cameras in a growing number of industries and applications."

The new cameras feature advanced DEPA(TM) (Distributed Enhanced Processing Architecture), which supports intelligent operation. DEPA technology has moved on significantly since it was first deployed in 2006, Sony's embedded intelligent video analysis technology within the HD PTZ cameras is DEPA Advanced. This provides the highest quality image detection and, critically, recognises if the camera has been tampered with. Moreover, the cameras are capable of dual streaming images in HD using H.264 or MPEG4 compression technology and feature an easy-to-use speed-dome design that can be rapidly assembled and deployed.

Usability is further enhanced in the SNC-RH124P security camera by IEEE p802.3 compliant High Power over Ethernet (hPoE) operation. One of the first cameras to support this standard, it can be operated using a single Ethernet cable without requiring an additional power supply. What's more, for users that need to capture moving images in low-light conditions, the new cameras are equipped with XDNR(TM) (dynamic noise reduction) technology that virtually eliminates image blur during low-light video capture. Developed to improve performance in challenging lighting conditions, surveillance in high-contrast situations is improved significantly.