Raytec IR Captures Rare Wildlife Footage

In the thick, dense, woods of North America, WildlifeCCTV were able to capture footage of a rare species of brown bear, known for its reclusive nature and its unusual mannerisms. Raytec's high performance, low energy, surface mount Infra-Red LED lighting provided crisp, clear imagery of the bear in its natural habitat, providing long distance covert illumination enabling the crew to film from afar, so that the bear was undisturbed by the surveillance.

The footage is being hailed as a massive success, with Professor James Stubbs from WildlifeCCTV stating: "what we have achieved is outstanding! The footage is incredibly clear, allowing us to monitor such an amazing creature from afar." Prof Stubbs, who also provided the audio commentary for the footage, added: "By using Raytec's illuminating technology we have answered questions that have puzzled experts for decades. This really is a huge breakthrough for WildlifeCCTV."