Kansas school district employs Milestone networked video surveillance solution

Kansas school district employs Milestone networked video surveillance solution

To handle the security and safety needs, USD 475 in Geary County installed IP video surveillance. ISG implemented Cisco networking and provides all the IT support and hardware for the district's technology needs. They also installed Milestone XProtect Enterprise software with Axis network cameras in the High School, two Middle Schools, the Administration Building, and an Alternative Learning Center.

Fast response and return of stolen goods

Just before school started in September 2005, an Open House was held for parents and students, where the band instructor was proudly showing off new musical equipment. That same night at 2 a.m., a set of drums and an electric guitar were stolen.

"We went into the software, quickly found the sequence of images, and tracked them climbing up a gas pipe on the East side of the building. We also had them on the video camera in the stairwell they used when leaving, carrying the trap set and guitar downstairs. We had a nice clear view of them!" recalls Larry Schmidt, Dir. Business Operations USD 475. "We supplied the evidence to the police who got a warrant, and the school equipment was recovered within the week. We've also corrected the pipe access issue by installing screens around it, and found that we had to increase the lighting in a few places."

It was the first incident using the newly installed Milestone surveillance software.

"It was our very first experience trying to get video off the new system. It was really quite easy to do and to operate: the system is very straightforward," attests Larry Schmidt happily.

"I like the fact that the software only records when there's activity on camera - the motion detection feature - that's how we spot the times there are problems: we go back to the alert list that is based on motion detection. It's quite a system!" smiles Schmidt.

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