Network Video Technologies UTP Hybrid video based CCTV surveillance protects new gaming and leisure areas of Regency Casino

The only gaming facility located in the greater Athens area, Regency Casino Mont Parnes, attracts thousands of visitors from around the world each year. As part of its €110 million reconstruction programme, the casino has extended its existing Network Video Technologies (NVT) UTP Hybrid Video based CCTV surveillance network to cover new gaming and leisure areas, creating a system that now includes more than 170 cameras. The NVT UTP Hybrid Video offered superior performance and cost benefits when compared to video transmission via fibre and IP. The NVT UTP hubs located in the casino’s dedicated equipment room, ensure reliable and clear footage is delivered to the recording equipment from every camera in the network, some as far as 225 metres away. As well as providing the casino with an essential security and health and safety tool, the comprehensive electronic system has also proved invaluable for confirming contested bets. The simplicity of installation, high-performance and inherent expandability of NVT UTP Hybrid Video make it an ideal CCTV transmission solution for any casino and gaming environment.