Keyscan Aurora User Interface - System Status and Reports Navigation

The Keyscan Aurora user interface has been completely redesigned, simplifying access control system management and enhancing productivity and saving time. This functionality is found with Keyscan Aurora's new quick-launch buttons. 

People Management: This section provides access to all functions required to add, edit and manage your database of credential-holders, visitors, documents, credentials and access levels assigned.

Site Setting Management: Site setting preferences allow you to quickly program and edit new or existing site information, program new and existing hardware, add optional information fields, manage groups, Present3 commands, active maps and floor plans.

System Status Management: System Status preference is where Aurora users can set, customise and/or view status of all devices, enforce a lockdown and search for various transactions.

Report Management: Multiple reporting options for site or system-wide transactions, reader access, people and group status, scheduling, report generation options and many more. Sharing reports is made easier with a number of export file formats to choose from.

System Settings Management: Perform system maintenance and day-to-day tasks such as adding,
editing and managing system users, optional information fields, holidays, card design templates, application utilities and data import/export options.

CCTV Integration Management: This optional licensed module gives you CCTV camera and DVR/NVR integration from leading manufacturers. Plus, continued support for multi-monitor capability continues to be an ideal solution for workspace environments and monitoring stations. 

Active Mapping and Floor Plans: This section allows you to open and interact with active maps and floor plans for one or all of your sites in Keyscan Aurora. Active mapping supports 2D and 3D maps and/or master floor plans.