Johnson Controls P2000 Security Management System Controls Access at RWU, Rhode Island, USA

Roger Williams University is an independent liberal arts university located in Bristol, Rhode Island. In an effort to increase efficiency with time-consuming and costly key-management and security systems, the university reworked its access control system.

Integrating existing but disparate systems, physical security access assignments were automated using a role-based policy engine. The existing Johnson Controls P2000 SMS was expanded to the new facilities and now covers all 65 buildings on campus. Over 500 card readers and more than 50 surveillance cameras installed across campus are integrated with the system. A Johnson Controls Metasys BMS provides monitoring and control of HVAC equipment on campus.

Johnson Controls also introduced the Quantum Secure SAFE software, which now serves as an interface between the P2000 system and the enterprise resource planning system that houses students’ schedule information. Now the P2000 system automatically updates to allow appropriate access when students are registered, and when changes are made to the databases of access assignments for university faculty and staff. This resulted in reduced operational costs, avoided the need for additional staffing and improved customer satisfaction.