Introducing the Network Video Technologies PVD Power, Video and Data Transmission System

Network Video Technologies (NVT) has a full range of CCTV hybrid video transmission products featuring RJ45 connectivity. These new RJ45 products were specifically designed for installers experienced with structured cabling systems and want to take advantage of being able to power cameras at extended distance, deliver high quality video and telemetry through the use of our PVD models.

NVT's Power, Video & Data (PVD) products allow customers to power cameras at distance, and provide cable savings for video and control connections. All current NVT products utilise a UTP based structured cabling infrastructure to provide organised cable management and a future proof application choice.

In order to create a solution that is robust, reliable and usable, NVT confidence under varied conditions. Unlike conventional video baluns, into its products, resulting in award winning performance.

NVT devices have a seven-element protection circuit that incorporate high-current low-capacitance avalanche-diode, gasdischarge, and multi-stage series inductive and shunt-capacitive filtering. These units meet ANSI/IEEE 587 C62.41. All NVT passive transceivers employ this protection. Floating the equipment at the camera end while grounding the head-end yields exceptional protection. Ordinary baluns don't have this feature.