Honeywell's MAXPRO VMS takes video surveillance to a new level at United Business Media's headquarters

Situated in the heart of London, Ludgate House is a large multi-tenanted building and home to United Business Media's head office. UBM's system needed a cost-effective upgrade that would complement its Honeywell access and intruder security system. Honeywell and Minerva Integrated Security Systems collaborated to make Ludgate House safer and more secure.

The Honeywell MAXPRO VMS solution installed by Minerva can control, collect, and manage multiple sources of video subsystems across numerous sites. MAXPRO VMS also has the ability to constantly monitor and analyse the ever-changing external environment by mitigating external threats and risks. More importantly, UBM has optimised its security budget by retaining existing analogue camera technology and controlling it via the Fusion hybrid DVR with the new MAXPRO VMS system.


The security control room is now modern, user-friendly, energy-efficient and safety compliant. In the words of Minerva Security Systems Managing Director and Honeywell Systems Integrator Programme member John Moran: "MAXPRO VMS does everything we need it to do and more".