Honeywell and SecureWais provide remote monitoring solution

Aldermary House is a modern multi-tenanted office building located in the City of London's financial district. To ensure the building was secure at all times, a 24-hour manned guarding solution was used, but this proved to be costly and inefficient. Brian Weekes, Building Manager at Aldermary House, approached his security partner, SecureWais UK Ltd, to find an improved solution. To solve the challenges faced by Mr Weekes, SecureWais chose Honeywell's WIN-PAK PRO Central Station. Allan Waisman, CEO SecureWais, said: "The client gets the best of both worlds - the secure integrity of a visitor management system without any of the hassle of managing it on a daily basis as this is done remotely by SecureWais." The system at Aldermary House consists of the Honeywell N1000 Access Panel, several proximity readers within the elevator and on selected doors integrated with video and door entry intercom. The solution has resulted in the client saving over £40,000 per annum using a remote central monitoring solution.