Hikvision's HikCentral management platform with intelligent surveillance capabilities

Hikvision's HikCentral management platform with intelligent surveillance capabilities

HikCentral video surveillance software delivers easy management for small, medium, and large application scenarios. It provides centralised video monitoring, access control, smart wall functions, and cutting-edge features such as facial recognition, ANPR, under vehicle surveillance system and people counting analysis.

HikCentral is compatible with most Hikvision products – IP cameras, thermal products, PTZ cameras, DVRs, NVRs, hybrid storage area network, decoders and smart walls, and access control products – that improves efficiency, reduces operational costs, and increases flexibility.

It can be used to centrally configure and manage a network of 1024 remote sites and 100K cameras. Smart wall displays high-definition video feeds in a customisable format with real-time status updates and alarm alerts.

The HikCentral Alarm Centre offers quick access to all alarms from an on-screen list. The composite alarm function allows you to combine events; for example, I/O output and motion detection to reduce the changes of triggering false alarms.

The software generates intuitive people-counting statistics to reveal insights about customer traffic and business metrics to increase revenue. HikCentral’s health monitoring provides continuous scanning and basic system maintenance, so potential issues are detected and addressed as soon as possible.

 HikCentral supports the ONVIF protocol for integration with other camera brands. It is committed to intelligent surveillance incorporating powerful facial recognition functions from Hikvision’s intelligent devices. Face recognition automatically displays all the detected faces and displays potential match to security personnel to find a relevant person fast.