Hikvision cybersecurity measures to prevent cyber-attacks

Hikvision cybersecurity measures to prevent cyber-attacks

Technology evolves rapidly in every area of our lives, and so is video surveillance technology. However, malicious cyber-attacks occur continuously against every IP address on the Internet; and new technologies come with new vulnerabilities that can be exploited by attackers.

Hikvision uses leading privacy and security technologies to protect the personal information of customers and user data. Hikvision integrates security assurances into the development, supply chain, sales, and delivery processes of all its products. The company has formulated its own set of security guidelines, emerging from industry standards, international laws and regulations, and customer requirements. 

Hikvision's Secure Development Lifecycle aligns the processes to proven security measures practiced across the industry worldwide. During the conceptualisation stage, threat analysis is performed in the field where customers use the products. Threats inform refinements in the design stage where product architecture maximises cybersecurity on every level. In the verification stage, Hikvision implements security testing, vulnerability scanning, and malicious code detection. And at delivery, the employees are trained to protect customers' investment at every turn.

All of these security assurance measures – from concept to development to delivery – reduce risks, enhance privacy protections, and provide more secure products and solutions to customers. Moreover, the Hikvision Security Response Center responds to security incidents from customers or industry associations, analysing vulnerabilities and releasing patches. 

Hikvision has achieved remarkable results in network security, terminal security, data security, application security and privacy control.